We are always looking for new members from any organisation and any level of experience, beginner or advanced. 

       Membership is not restricted to just serving Gardai, we also welcome retired members, family members and civilian members.

  • Training for beginners commences in November each year and involves a 16 week pool and lecture series training programme.  In January members are ready to hit the open water for snorkels and the diving season proper typically begins in March.
  • Those interested in joining, you are encouraged to come along and experience one of our TRY A DIVES organised every October before training begins. 
  • No expense - just bring yourself and your swimming gear for the try-a-dive.

  • Members of the Club are encouraged to continually advance their diving skills through the vast array of courses available with CFT, ranging from first aid and boat coxswain to Rescue and Instructor diver grades.
  • Please email our Diving Officer (gsacdo@gmail.com) if you are interested in becoming a member or if you wish to discuss details further.