Honorary Membership - Andy Archbold, June 29th 2016

Post date: Aug 17, 2016 11:24:47 AM

On the 29th of June GSAC held a general meeting to confer honorary membership on Andy Archbold. The club wished to mark his very significant contribution to the Club over many years. Honorary membership is as the name suggests to recognise GSAC members who have made a significant contribution to, or on behalf of the Club. Over its 50 year history the club has awarded six honorary memberships. Chairman John Crampton chaired the meeting and acknowledged Andy's contribution to the club down through the years.

..I think it is fitting tonight as we recognise Andy’s contribution to the Club that we also recognise all our honorary members who have in different ways helped shape our Club over the years Wilfred Ferguson, Colm O' Brien, Larry Keane, Kieran Flynn, Sean O' Connell and Ciaran Doyle.

Andy joined the Diving Club in the early 80's and when I first joined the dive club 15 years or so ago, Andy to me as a new trainee represented the quintessential old-school diver. That is very much down to the confidence and knowledge he’d show in delivering lectures, around the dive site and on the dives themselves but mainly I think down to the Jack Cousteau gear he’d tog out in. There was no question he is a man to get mileage out of a wetsuit and he also became a one man ABLJ appreciation society!

Over the years what has struck me about Andy’s influence within the club (as well as the odd Johnny Cash Karaoke number!) is the role he played in training our new recruits, as members of the club we all have times where we may be less involved a year here or a year there but come October when we’d start back in the pool with a batch of new recruits Andy seemed to be ever present. To reflect this we plan to re-dedicate the Diver of the Year award which typically goes to a new trainee every year in Andy’s name. Just to acknowledge Colm O’Brien who is here tonight originally instigated this award many years ago and we all look forward to Andy presenting the award at the next club AGM.

I could spend a lot longer up here outlining what Andy means to the Garda Sub Aqua Club but I’m sure each of you would much prefer to swap your own stories over the rest of the evening. So I’d just like to wish Andy, Greta, Patrick and Ruth every good wish and call on you all now to acknowledge Andy as the newest honorary member of the Garda Sub Aqua Club.

John Crampton, Chairman

Check out some photo's from the night.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=new_set